Tuesday, February 02, 2016

I liked this one!

I viewed a beautiful apartment this evening that was in a very convenient location. I intend to make an offer tomorrow.

It was the same estate agent who showed me the second property, the one who kept her shoes on. In this apartment she removed her shoes, even though it was dry this evening, but raining on the previous showing. One of the occupants had his shoes on, so presumably there was no shoes-off policy (unless it applied only to estate agents and viewers!). Perhaps she removed her shoes in this property because it was nicer and better looked after. Or maybe she kept her shoes on in the other apartment because the tenants in that property had a dog.


Paul said...

Did you ask her why she removed her shoes? Maybe because they were heels and thus not very comfortable? Did she go in her stocking feet?

Matthew Celestine said...

Her shoes were flat.

I don't think you need to know anything else about what she was wearing.


Mark said...

I think we know what Pauls peculiar proclivities are.
I remember a house showing i went to a few years ago. There were quite a few of us looking around the property. Upon arrival the estate agent asked everyone to remove their shoes. He felt the need to qualify this by saying that the carpets were new. I remember one middle aged chap got very upset at the request and threw his shoes down. His wife was embarrassed as we all looked on.
When I made the arrangements to view the estate agent asked me if i minded removing shoes. Obviously i told him that was what I always did. He went on to say that he always removes shoes when showing a house and asks the viewers. We had a good chat about respect as he said that his own home was strictly no shoes.
Generally I have found that most estate agents remove shoes but not all.
Incidentally John Lewis delivered a new freezer to my house last week and they wore white gloves and put on shoe covers. One expects this levels of service from a classy retailer like John Lewis

Bob said...

Matthew, I hope that they accept your offer...good luck

Matthew Celestine said...

They declined my offers as it had only just entered the market, but they accepted the asking price. I like it enough to pay that.

Bob said...

Congratulation on becoming a property owner!

Paul said...

I thought I asked a legitimate question? My realtor would bring her slippers to sellers' houses as she thought it was more proper than stocking feet.