Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kathleen Barnes: Take Off Your Shoes!

Kathleen Barnes: Take Off Your Shoes!

"Do you take your shoes off at the door? It’s not an Eastern or hippie-dippy thing to do. It makes good, common sense.

Just think about where your feet are during the day:

You’ve walked on city sidewalks that have been salted and sprayed and perhaps slathered with dog poop.

You’ve crossed city streets that are saturated in hydrocarbons from cars and trucks, droplets of oil and other bodily fluids of petro-fueled vehicles and who knows what else.

You’ve probably shuffled across synthetic office carpets saturated with petrochemicals and perhaps even bearing the detritus of toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of pressed board furniture, including formaldehyde.

After a long day you, thankfully, return home. Perhaps you took a little walk around your yard, admiring the newly planted petunias and pulling a stray weed along the way. Did you know that most yards are saturated with toxic chemicals, not the least of which is the endocrine disruptor RoundUp? You don’t use RoundUp,you say? Does your neighbor? You don’t know and you can’t control your neighbor’s activities anyway."

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