Saturday, March 12, 2016

Two Tiny Hands: Shoes off rule

Two Tiny Hands: Shoes off rule

We visited some friends last weekend, they were surprised we took our shoes off at the door without being prompted. Even had a conversation about it, wife is from Lithuania, it is in their culture to take shoes off at the door. She said she was shocked when some Westerners didn’t do it and were happy to walk mud etc through their houses.

Our house isn’t even spotless, our carpet is really old, but if you ever come to our house, please take your shoes off!


Candace (Bob's wife) said...

Don't know if this subject has been mentioned before and if so I apologize for repeating it. Earlier today I went to visit a friend who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. Her prognosis is excellent and the doctors are just being vigilant.
Her husband works so there is a health care worker who stays with her during the day. As you know I generally take off my shoes when entering a home and hers is no exception. When I arrived and removed my shoes the health care worker was surprised and thanked me. She went on to explain how the immune system is compromised by chemo
and how germs carried in on ones shoes can be especial harmful to such a patient.
So if you ever visit the home of someone on chemo be considerate of their health and remove your shoes or just don't visit.

Matthew Celestine said...

Useful information! Thanks so much for sharing that, Candace.

Paul said...

I am afraid this is an old wives' tale. A close friend of mine was in the same position a year ago - she got four sessions of chemo. She got lots of visitors. No one removed their shoes at her home - as this is not a policy of her house. She herself was wearing shoes when a few friends and I visited her. And she did not catch any infection.

Matthew Celestine said...

And some chain smokers don't get lung cancer and some heavy drinkers never have liver problems.