Sunday, April 17, 2016

Going to a shop in carpet slippers

I went into the nearby corner shop today to buy a few groceries. While I was in there, a woman entered the shop who was wearing fluffy bedroom slippers.

I can never understand why people go outside in their indoor slippers. Not only does it defeat the object by getting them dirty, but also carpet slippers are not very strong and they wear out really quickly when you wear them outside.

Does it really take that much effort to switch from slippers to a pair of flip flops before going outside?


Mark said...

An excellent point. It also looks so slovenly to go out in slippers. I suspect that those who do go out in slippers don't have a shoes off rule at their house.
This week i employed a gardener to do some work for me. She came to look around and do an assessment of the job. When we went indoors she automatically removed her boots and said that she always took her shoes off when at her house or others even when not asked to do so. We both said that it depends a lot on how you were brought up. She is a mature lady and it shows that taking shoes off is not a new thing in the UK.

Then on Saturday i had a delivery from John Lewis. I needed the item taking into my sitting room. I do have light carpets. Anyway the chap automatically removed his shoes at the door without being asked and tool my item into the house. I would expect nothing less from a classy shop like John Lewis. I also suspect that the majority of their customers don't allow shoes in their homes.

Doesn't it make life so much easier when people are polite. I do know that many in the UK are very uncomfortable at asking visitors to remove shoes. When ones visitors either asks or does it automatically it circumvents and avoids those uncomfortable moments we all dread so much

Matthew Celestine said...

You're not somebody that goes to the shops in your pyjamas then, Mark? :)

Mark said...

Absolutely not.