Friday, April 15, 2016

"No Muddy Boots Allowed"

I am standing again as a Conservative candidate for the borough council. While delivering leaflets this week, I came across an house which had a sign saying "No Muddy Boots Allowed." It was a colourful, eye-catching sign.

I wonder if that household had a full shoes-off policy, or if, as the sign suggested, it only applied to muddy boots? It might be that the owners ran some sort of business from their home and regularly had workmen with muddy boots reporting in.


Bob said...

Hi Matthew, Interesting sign and a very astute observation on your part.
Hope that you win your election.
BTW how has the purchase of your apartment gone?
have you moved in yet?
Hope all is well

Matthew Celestine said...

No, I haven't moved in yet, though I've provided the 10% deposit. I'm waiting for the owners to complete the sale of the house they are buying.