Saturday, April 02, 2016

Yet another thread on Mumsnet

Mumsnet: Asking guests to remove shoes

Just that really. Couple of girlfriends coming over tonight before we go out. I have very light cream/beige carpet which is quite new. My family always take their shoes off as this is how we have been bought up. As does my son.
Do you ask people to remove their outdoor shoes before treading on your nice clean carpet?

I think the shoes-on crowd seem to be particularly vocal on Mumsnet. Not necesserily because there are more of them, but they seem to dominate that particular forum.


Mark said...

It's amazing on Mumsnet how so many say it's rude and bad manners to expect people to remove shoes whilst at the same time they frequently swear using the f and c word. I dread to think how these people are bringing up their children when they can't even moderate their language about something so innocuous as removing shoes at the door. Such Dreadful people and so rude.

Matthew Celestine said...

Yes, it is odd how Mumsnet has the reputation of being this really middle-class institution when the users talk like that.