Sunday, May 22, 2016

Like this Sign?


Bob said...

If I saw such a sign I would find it quite humorous. In fact I would interpret it as a strong suggestion that you keep your shoes on least the dog/puppy might chew them!

Matthew Celestine said...

I suppose one might come to that conclusion. Though the inclusion of 'thank you' might indicate the request is sincere.

Bob said...

You could interpret that way Matthew. Perhaps it was my sense of humor that the sign was posted by the puppy/dog and he was saying thank you for shoes to chew on!
If I were to visit a home with such a sign that I had been to before and knew they were a shoes off home I would inquire as to weather they had recently gotten a new dog. If it was a home I had not visited previously I would ask.
If someone did have a dog that was fond of chewing shoes and shoe removal was requested I would hope that the homeowners would stow guests shoes in a closet.