Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Telegraph: Schoolchildren with no shoes on 'do better and behave better in the classroom', research shows

The Telegraph: Schoolchildren with no shoes on 'do better and behave better in the classroom', research shows

Schoolchildren who attend their lessons wearing no shoes are likely to obtain better grades and behave better than those who wear them, a decade-long academic research has revealed.

‘Shoeless’ children are more likely to arrive to school earlier, leave later and read more, according to new research by Bournemouth University.

Researchers have observed tens of thousands of children who leave their shoes outside the classroom and found that pupils are more engaged in their lessons, which in turn leads to better academic attainment.

The research is in line with policies introduced in schools in England where children who go to class shoeless – following the steps of schools in Scandinavia in an effort to improve their academic standards and behaviour.

The study is based on observing and studying tens of thousands of children in over 100 schools in around 25 countries over the last ten years.

Apart from countries in Scandinavia, researchers have visited schools in New Zealand and Australia. The longest project has taken place in West London where children’s behaviour and academic results were analysed all the way through to university.

For decades children in northern Europe have learned with their shoes off because they are left at the school door arrival due to snow, ice or slush.

Definitely an approach that British schools should adopt. Traditional British classrooms are simply not designed for effective learning.


Mark said...

Great idea but its nothing new. We were doing this almost 50 years ago at school.
we had to change from outdoor shoes to plimsolls(we called these slippers back then)They were comfortable slip on indoor shoes and or used for PE.
Anyone who forgot their "slippers" had to go barefoot all day.

Matthew Celestine said...

The first school I went to had the plimsoll rule, then I moved to Somerset, where the schools I attended did not. I think quite a few schools do the plimsoll thing, but the teachers usually wear outdoor shoes in those schools.

Mark said...

This is true. We had a PE teacher who was absolutely obsessed about not having shoes of any kind on the gym floor. But he never removed his gym shoes!!!

Rob said...

I remember that in Junior school! We had to bring slippers or pumps from home! The rule didn't last through Junior School however. Any indoor PE lesson was usually done barefoot however.

Matthew Celestine said...

Thanks for dropping in, Rob.

Matthew Celestine said...

It was like that at a school I went to, with the PE teacher keeping her gym shoes on while we were barefoot. But there was also a deputy head who used to always remove her stilettos in the gym when holding assemblies. It seemed strange at the time to even see adults taking their shoes off.

Bob said...

Other than high school dances in the gym called sock hops, there was never any rules regard shoes. Sneakers, trainers in the UK, were required for gym class.
No sneakers you were marked absent for the class.

Maek said...

I do believe that the UK is one of the few countries where PE is done in bare feet. I was at school in the late 60s and and 70s and we did PE bare foot from age 5 to 16.
There certainly was a double standard at school. We weren't allowed to wear outside shoes until age 12 at comprehensive but every teacher wor their shoes. It was the same in the gym at comp, it was always bare foot for all children but never for teachers.