Saturday, June 04, 2016


All my weekends these days are devoted to campaigning for the EU referendum. I was in Codicote this morning, a village in Hertfordshire, delivering leaflets for ConservativesIN. Codicote has a lot of Tory voters, so it's naturally the place to go to seek Tory votes for Remain.

Quite a lot of houses had shoes left by the door. Understandable with the muddy fields out in the countryside. It got me thinking about whether shoes-off is more urban or rural. On the one hand, you have all the mud and muck of the rural environment. On the other hand, a lot of people in the country live in older, colder houses, where removing shoes may be less comfortable. The cities have their own kinds of dirt. You also have more ethnic diversity in the cities and modern etiquette, that may be more pro-shoes-off.


Paul said...

Modern Western etiquette is NOT "shoes off."

Mark said...

You raise a very good question Mathew. I live in rural Northumberland. Its affluent and everyone seems to take off shoes at the door or outside the door.
People out here seem very relaxed about taking shoes off. Delivery men automatically remove shoes as well.
Most seem to keep slippers by the door to change into and will a pair with them when visiting.
I cant say if its more prevalent in rural areas to remove shoes but everyone is more relaxed about it. I would say that its taken for granted that shoes come off at the door