Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shoes-Off Sign for my New Apartment

I bought this off Amazon and put it up on the front door of my new flat. It had some handy self-adhesive strips. I think having the sign in German comes across as a little less officious, plus I am very much an Europhile.


Bob said...

Cute sign...hopefully your visitors will be able to read German.
I wouldn't but if I were to visit since I know your rules I would take off my shoes!

Matthew Celestine said...

I've still got my 'Please take off your shoes' doormat if the sign fails.

Bob said...

good idea for those of us that are language challenged!

Anonymous said...

To some, shoes are more than just footwear; they are functional works of art.

Matthew Celestine said...

I dare say they are.

Bob said...

We are contemplating, once again, attempting to sell our home. My wife contacted a realtor who was recommended by a friend as being very professional.
She arrived exactly on time. My wife answered the door, greetings were exchanged and before there was any mention of our no shoes rule, the woman announced that she was going to take off her heels and replace them with a pair of tennis socks. She went on to say that it was her habit not to wear shoes when viewing homes.
Shoes issues aside she was quite professional and made an excellent presentation as to why we should choose her and her firm. The price that she recommended we ask was in line with our own thinking but she cautioned that we might have to come off it by 6% and then taking her 6% commission into account we would take a substantial loss. We will probably speak to a few more agents before we decide weather or not to put our home up for sale

Matthew Celestine said...

I hope you manage to make a good sale.

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Paul said...

It is a bit weird to replace heels with tennis socks. A bit unprofessional.

Bob said...

she was barelegged and I assume that she did not wish to walk around in her barefeet

Paul said...

Then why not just leave her heels on? More appropriate and more professional.

Elain Smith said...

excellent I have always found women look much better, when we are in our stocking feet....