Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mateos: 5 Tips for people with costly floor carpets

Mateos: 5 Tips for people with costly floor carpets

The second deadliest carpet killer from time immemorial is the shoe. Don’t ever let anyone near your carpets and rugs with shoes no matter how much they insist on keeping them on. Stains from shoes are not only hard to remove but they also deplete the quality of the carpet, especially the soft ones.


Anonymous said...

If you use animal skin rugs (i.e. sheepskin, alpaca, deerskin, and especially cowhide), you need not worry about shoes as hides can handle even the dirtiest shoes better than carpets. In fact, guests should be asked to keep their shoes on if you have fur rugs as bare feet can actually ruin them faster than shoes.

Matthew Celestine said...

You do like your cowhide rugs. I don't know anyone with a cowhide rug.

Mark said...

I have never been convinced by the argument that bare feet is bad for carpets(not fur rugs!)
Its often said that the oils from feet dirty carpets. In my experience thats not so. Of course, we are talking about clean feet. Walking on carpets with dirty feet, is in my opinion, just as damaging as walking on carpets with shoes on.
Its hard to believe sometimes but there are those who still use shanks pony to get around. Its warm here in the UK at present so many will be wearing sandals without socks(hopefully) and I know from my experience how dirty one feet can get just walking around in sandals.
I live in a rural area, so its going to be muddier than the city.
Many dont like bare feet one their carpets anyway.
A few days ago a chap delivered some items. He saw my sandals on the mat outside the door and commented how he was the same in his house. The chap told me how strict he was about shoes coming off. Its not often men openly talk about this. Then he told me how good it felt to have the feeling of plush carpets under your feet. I agree. I have a mix of carpets and wooden floors. The carpet is so comfy. One could never describe hard floors as comfy. Mine are absolutely freezing in winter.
But each to their own. For me, its carpet all the way.

Edie Jams said...

They may have a number of reasons for having such a rule. They may worry about their carpet getting dirty, they may want to avoid their hardwood floor being scratched by heels....

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