Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mommy Outside the Box: Take Your Damn Shoes Off.

Mommy Outside the Box: Take Your Damn Shoes Off.

"At the front entrance of the daycare that my daughter goes to there is a big bold sign that says PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES! I have, for the five years we have been part of the daycare, removed my shoes every single time I walked though that door. It doesn’t matter if my shoes are “clean” – that is I’m not tracking in mud or snow, the shoes come off no matter what. And every single day (well week day) I have watched somewhere in the neighbourhood of half the other parents completely ignore that sign. They trudge in with their flip flops, running shoes, even their winter boots. They open that door, with the big bold sign, completing ignoring the plea to take off their foot wear.

I know you’re asking, is this really a big deal? And the answer is yes, it is a big deal. It’s not such a big deal for maybe the healthy five year olds. Or the adults that run the joint, but down the hall and on the left is a room full of babies. Some just a few weeks old. All of them spending quality time on the floor exploring their big colorful room. Their little immune systems are a work in progress. They deserve, and we should expect, that they should be able to spend their days in an environment that isn’t contaminated with things like E Coli and C diff. Now I know this is a daycare and daycares are full of all kinds of bugs simply because they are full of kids. So what do we do? We enforce things like hand washing. We teach kids to cough into a tissue or their elbow. We tell parents to keep obviously sick kids home. The daycare keeps the centre as clean as possible with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning regiments. And we take our damn shoes off."


Bob said...

Hi Matthew, My wife showed me an email that she recently received and it reminded me of your house warming party invitation
Here is a copy of the email
Hi All,
I thought it would be fun for us to get together to watch the debate next Monday the 26th at my house.
The debate is scheduled for 9:00 PM. May I suggest that you arrive at my home about 7:30 PM and if each of you brought something we could have a pot luck dinner before the debate.
Lets try and coordinate what you will bring so we have a variety. I will provide drinks and desert.
Looking forward to seeing you all on the 26th.
PS So that no one is caught unawares I don’t wear shoes in my home so feel free to bring slippers if you want.

Matthew Celestine said...

Very good. Dispelling the myth that all Americans wear shoes inside.

Paul said...

Bob, it is good that you warn your guests that they should bring indoor shoes to change into. Nothing worse than being caught by surprise. #trump2016

Mark said...

I always ask my guests to bring slippers if they choose. One of my neighbours brings a pair if she is staying a while.