Sunday, October 16, 2016

Understanding my Sign

I went to a restaurant with some neighbours from my apartment block yesterday evening. I invited them back to mine for drinks afterwards. One lady acknowledged the sign on my door and said she would take her shoes off. She obviously understood it.

A few people have said they can't understand my sign because it is in German. That surprises me. I never studied German at school, but I knew 'bitte' means please. There are pictures of shoes on the sign and one might guess that 'schuhe' means shoes. I don't think it should take any great intelligence to conclude that it means 'please take off your shoes.'

Not that it matters; I am quite happy to ask people politely to remove their shoes.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is because I live in the US where our exposure to foreign languages, except Spanish, is quite limited I would not understand the sign immediately.
However, if I were to visit you I would knock at your door shoes in hand!

Matthew Celestine said...

But you would probably hazard a guess, wouldn't you, that it had something to do with shoes and this was not a shoe shop?

Bob said...

LOL!!! Yes I would have made that assumption and if I were visiting a home I had not been to and noticed that whomever answered the door was either shoeless or in slippers I would have made the connection.

Paul said...

I would not. Why would I pay attention to any sign made in a foreign language?

Sandro said...

If there are shoe symbols in the sign, the clue is quite clear.