Saturday, January 28, 2017

It really can affect people

My neighbour told me yesterday that the lady above her wears shoes in her apartment and is constantly stomping around on the wood floor. My neighbour is very frustrated by all the racket. She said she had complained to the lady, but she had not changed her behaviour. I suggested that she buy this woman a pair of slippers as a polite nudge.

If you live in an apartment block, you really need to think about the people beneath you and stop wearing shoes inside.


Bob said...

Many years ago when I lived in a co-op apartment it was written into the rules that either 80% of the apartment be carpeted (the 20% leeway was to accommodate for the foyer bathrooms and kitchens)or that the occupants refrain from wearing hard soled shoes. As I lived on the top floor I never had to worry about neighbors.

Paul said...

I don't think the rules can really proscribe what shoes to be worn inside of the apartment. When I was renting I wore shoes inside. Although I had a carpet.