Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Godwin's Law!

New Jersey 101.5: Are shoes-off-in-house Nazis the ones complaining about Kellyanne Conway?

Give me a break America. I had to wonder, are these people ripping her the same people who turn into Shoe Nazis when folks visit their homes? The ones with the little shoe basket? Where all guests immediately upon entering are instructing to take their shoes off so they down traipse across the homeowners sacred carpeting wearing, gasp!, shoes?

In this case, I suppose so.

It's a while since I have heard the term 'shoes-off Nazis' but I've been accused of it a few times. The expression 'Shoes-off Nazi' basically sums up Godwin's Law that an internet debate is effectively over when one side calls the other side Nazis.

With the rise of Trump, Brexit, and debates about feminism comparisons to Hitler are pretty normal. Basically everyone thinks their opponents are Nazis. Brexiteers compare the EU to the Third Reich, while Remainers sometimes compare Brexiteers to the Nazis. But calling people with a shoes-off policy 'Nazis' is the height of silliness.

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Mark said...

I find it offensive to call someone who asks everyone to remove their shoes a nazi
I am sure that if one asked the 55 million people who died in the war as a consequence of fascism if they would take off their shoes at the door rather than loose their lives, they would happily take them off.
Why does something as innocuous as removing shoes, get so many people upset. This seems to be especially so in America.
This isn't really about shoes, but its about power.
How sad.