Sunday, March 19, 2017 Is Wearing Shoes Inside a Home (or on a Couch in the White House) Rude? Is Wearing Shoes Inside a Home (or on a Couch in the White House) Rude?

by Natalie Way

"Your house, your rules, says Aimee Symington, an etiquette expert and CEO of Finesse Worldwide: “If you are OK with your guests playing leapfrog from your sofa to your chairs, then great. But if you’d rather have your guests leave their shoes outside, that’s your choice, too.”

If your hosts have a shoes-off policy, it’s good manners to respect their rule.

In many cultures, removing your shoes inside is customary. If you are a guest in a home where this is the case, it’s polite to adhere to the homeowners’ wishes.

“In countries like Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, and Turkey, it is common practice to take off your shoes when entering someone’s home,” Symington says. “For some, it may be a religious belief, a cultural protocol, or a practical exercise, but be aware of this and always ask your host if they would like you to remove your shoes before entering their home.”"


Paul said...

Very informative, thank you for posting this link. This reminded me - when I was a university student we had couches in the student lounges, and nearly always students had their shoes on when they put their feet up on those couches. Only a few times did I see people remove their shoes before they lay on the couches, and almost always those were older (graduate) students aged 23-30 or so. Do people become classier as they grow older?

Bob said...

I don't know if people become classier as they age but they do realize the value of things as they pay for things themselves

Paul said...

This is a good point. I am not sure, though, that it happens to everyone. Some older students still kept their shoes on when they lay on the couches; some younger ones (18-22) did not, though (I also noticed that those who did remove their shoes were nearly always women - I wonder whether it was because women tend to wear uncomfortable shoes or because they are neater or both?)